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Services Available for Families Children and Youth​

  • Core Clinical Autism Services​ (we are approved OAP service providers)
  • ​​Functional Assessment and Support Services for Challenging Behaviour
  • ​Skill Development Services Within Domains of Need, such as:
    • ​Communication and Language Skills
    • Play and Leisure Skills
    • Cognitive Skills
    • Daily Living and Self-Care
    • Cognitive and Regulation Skills
    • Learning and School Readiness Skills
    • Social Skills
  • Clinical support for sleep issues, picky eating and toileting
  • Executive Functioning and ADHD Support Services (e.g. organization, planning and time management, emotional and behavioural regulation, flexibility)
  • Coaching for Student Success (individual and small group) for elementary through post secondary
  • ​Parent/Caregiver/Family Education and Coaching Services

**Please note: We do NOT offer diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD.

Services Available for Community Partners and Students of Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • ​BCBA Supervision Arrangements and New BCBA Mentoring
  • Community Partner and Professional Consultation, Education and Training
  • Volunteer placements for high school students
  • Workshops

Questions About Services